#1 The Sun

If you add up all of the mass in the solar system, including the planets, the moons, the asteroids, the comets, the dust, Oprah, and everything else, it turns out that 99.85% of everything is the Sun.

The picture you have in your head of the solar system as the sun surrounded by several chunky planets isn't accurate.

The solar system consists almost entirely of the Sun.

Sure, there's also a small bit of schmutz that happens to slowly orbit around the Sun, and it seems important to us, and this is where we do our shopping. You probably live on one of the smaller, damper, Starbucks-infested specks. But, this is all pretty insignificant compared to the overwhelming enormity of the Sun.

I bought a house recently, and I'm hoping that by disseminating this information, it'll help drive up property values by several orders of magnitude.

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